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Self-Care for Self-Isolation: Tea Recipes for Eye-Fatigue and Relaxation

Amid rising COVID-19 concerns and in solidarity with our fellow small business owners and friends, we just wanted to let you all know that we are okay and staying positive! We are currently socially distancing ourselves from the outside world, and have found simple pleasures in activities at home that help enrich our mind and soul. Staying indoors for days on end may feel a bit stifling, so please make sure you take care of your physical body by doing daily exercise and remembering to give your eyes a break!

We wanted to share two simple tea recipes in hopes that it can provide a bit of respite and relaxation. For those of us that are working from home or increasing our usage of digital devices during this challenging time, our strained eyes may need a little bit more TLC than usual. Goji berry helps to relieve eye fatigue and improve eye conditions, rose eases anxiety and tension while assisting with better sleep, and chrysanthemum helps to reduce inflammation and to soothe nerves. Try these out if you have these ingredients at home, and use a tea bag or a tea strainer. These tea recipes come from Vennie, our Traditional Chinese Medicine guru and herbalist.


"No No to Eye-Fatigue" Tea

1 cup hot water

6 dried goji berries

8 dried chrysanthemum flowers


Meditation Master Tea

1 cup hot water

4 dried rose buds

6 goji berries

1-2 Chinese red dates (pits removed)

8 dried chrysanthemum flowers


We hope you all take care of yourself, and think of others. You are not alone. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones during these uncertain times. Let's be patient together. 

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  • Ebra on

    Vennie is the best!!! She really is our Chinese Medicine Guru!!! Thank you Vennie!!

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