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Lovely Lilac: Simple DIY Recipes

Hello everyone! This blog post is long overdue (we had wanted to post during lilac season), but with events over the past month weighing heavily on our hearts and minds we felt a bit unsure about posting any type of distraction that might take attention away from important issues. 

During the midst of our self-isolation period, the lilac was in full bloom here in Vancouver. Our herbalist Vennie was lucky to have a lilac tree in her garden, so she carefully collected the fragrant purple and white blossoms to try out various recipes at home. Did you know that lilac flowers were edible? They have a light floral taste with delicate citrus notes that embodies the spring season perfectly! Not to mention, they are so beautiful to look at. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the lilac flower is a "yin" plant, so it has naturally cooling properties, which works well for us in the warmer spring and summer months. 

Vennie put together a few recipes that you can try out at home if you love this flower, or have some growing near you. You will need to wait for next year's lilac season but I promise these recipes are fun and super simple to do! 


Lilac Spring Tea Blend

1 cup hot water

5 dried lilac florets

1 tsp black tea leaves

1 pinch of osmanthus flowers


Lilac Ice Cubes

1 ice-cube tray filled with water 

1-2 fresh lilac florets in each cube section

1-2 drops of lemon juice to colour the water purple


Reinvigorating Lilac Toner

25 ml witch hazel liquid (best if it is alcohol-free)

25 ml lilac-infused water


Use a handful of fresh or dried lilac florets and infuse in water for 1-2 days. More blossoms means more scent. Strain the blossoms, then use that infused water with a 1:1 ratio with witch hazel liquid for a refreshing toner. This is best if kept in the fridge as there are no preservatives.


Lilac Sugar

100 grams of cane sugar

6-8 dried or fresh lilac florets mixed in


Remove the florets after 4-6 hours, and you can now use this sugar in your tea or in your baked goods!


Lilac Rice Milk Drink 

1/4 cup brown rice

1 tbsp black rice

1 litre of water

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 dash of maple syrup 

Lilac sugar to taste


Cook the rice and blend with water. Add the cinnamon, maple syrup and lilac sugar. The black rice targets the kidney meridians in our bodies (keeps our blood flowing)! This is a healthy and delicious antioxidant drink that can be made hot or cold.

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