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Align Your Chi

In ancient times it was believed that a person who placed nature above worldly "ash" was someone of the highest spiritual enlightenment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), developed in China over 2,000 years ago, is a broad spectrum of medicine practices that share common elements. It is primarily used now as a form of alternative and holistic medicine. TCM and its practices are heavily intertwined with Chinese history and culture and many Chinese households operate with the essence of TCM integrated in the modus vivendi (manner of living).

Such is the case with my family. Although I grew up in Canada, my day-to-day activities and habits were ingrained with the spirit of TCM. I had become imbued by the rituals and reasoning that my parents had grown up with—passed down to them from generations of ancestors. Assertions like, "never drink ice water" and "eating too many lychees will give you canker sores" were accepted and not challenged. These strange customs were completely normal to me even though I didn't understand the rationale behind them. Why did we practice these odd idiosyncrasies in our household? Why did my parents only extend a perfunctory quip of “it’s good for you” without diving into the origins? I suspect they weren’t completely sure themselves since TCM was so fully infused into our lives. 

These idioms were in fact laden with TCM ideology and referred to the systemic nature of yin-yang energy in one's body. Ice water, according to TCM is full of "yin" energy, and women who drink ice water retain too much "yin" into their bodies which can cause painful menstruation cramps. Lychees contain an overabundance of "yang" energy which can cause inflammation and canker sores if one indulges in too many; offsetting the balance of the "chi" in the body. 

TCM presents views on the function of the human body and the physical world and demonstrates the Taoist balance of yin and yang. Chi is an integral component of TCM; the body's vital energy (chi) circulates through channels that have branches connected to bodily organs and functions to guide one’s physical and mental processes. When you balance and align your chi, you improve the body’s ability to regulate its internal environment to create good health.

All our products are designed to align your chi with TCM practices. We are mindful of the yin-yang balance within our bodies as we create our unique formulas. We strive to capture the protective and nourishing properties of botanical living materials with the essence of TCM. Using local ingredients combined with ancient Chinese herbs, we hope that the unity of these two cultures in our products reflect the harmony and multiculturalism of Vancouver. Every item is inspired by a personal memory or custom with cultural significance.