Free Canada-wide shipping for orders over $75
Free Canada-wide shipping for orders over $75
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Our COVID-19 Initiative

Hello everyone! We just wanted to update you about our situation and tell you how we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. As you may have known, we had self-isolated and paused production of our small-batch bath and beauty products since mid-March when we first saw the initial reports from the Government of Canada and the World Health Organization. Since we are a body and skincare company that takes hygiene and clean beauty seriously, we decided to take a breather while we waited for more information from the government. We wanted to make sure that we followed the guidelines set by Health Canada while we operated our small business, and we have had to (like many others) make a few adjustments to our business model and practices.

Safety and hygiene is our number one priority

As a small team of two, we've always followed strict cleaning protocols for the manufacturing and handling of our products. We sterilize all our equipment rigorously to ensure that our environment and products are safe and clean. Instead of working together at the workshop, we've decided to work from home separately. We've made sure to take extra steps in working with gloves and disinfecting at more numerous intervals. We took a month's pause while we assessed the situation, and have come to the conclusion that we will start production again but in much smaller batches or follow a made-to-order process. This way we can make sure that the products are fresh when you receive them and that we don't store them for a long time before selling. We only use raw and natural ingredients with either no preservatives or with eco-friendly preservatives that are not as strong as the chemical counterparts; therefore, our products have a shorter shelf life and are meant to be used as soon as you receive them! This ensures that you use the freshest botanicals on your skin. 

We will now offer free local, contactless drop off

For Canadian domestic shipping, we can do free shipping for orders over $50 CAD. We will pack up your orders and go to the post office every Tuesday and Friday. We ask you to please be patient while we prep your order to have it ready for the next available shipping dates of Tuesday and Friday of every week (we are practicing social distancing). 

For local, Vancouver orders, we can do free contactless drop off. Please go to the contact form on our website or you can message us directly on social media. That way I can give you the code for local pickup so the site won't charge you for shipping! We will be going out for local deliveries on Friday of every week. Please message us for this as it takes a little bit of coordination on our part

New virtual gift cards

Want to get an easy-breezy gift and support a local business while you are at it? Our virtual gift cards make a fabulous gift when you aren't too sure exactly what to choose! Ease your mind with this thoughtful gesture, so your beloved giftee can pick whatever they please, or whatever suits their skin the most. We are now offering gift cards in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100! We are working hard to provide options to you. Happy gifting!  

Thank you for the support!

Thanks so much for the support during these challenging times. As a months-old company, we would be lying if we said we weren't disappointed that we aren't able to greet you in-person at the markets at the moment. But we will be easily reachable online and would love to chat with you about Pithy, herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and everything else in-between. During this time we hope you take care of yourself and think of others. We hope you fill your time with moments that feed your mind and soul. Stretch, meditate, read a book, watch your favourite show, and indulge in self-care! We are all in this together.


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